Tuesday, September 23, 2008

[Mix] Mojo Jones - A Fine Line Between Love & Hate

Mojo just sent this out to me today in preperation for the party on Thursday night. It's 100% filled to the brim with wonky, filthy, wobbly jams and even a couple of choice remixes that he did himself, to which I have also added download links. Download this one NOW!!!

Mojo Jones (Digital 4 Life Music, DC) has been DJing and producing House music for years, playing at big parties such as Cubik @ Nation, Club Five, Sonar and others. As a producer his releases have ranged from top selling vinyl on Dancerecords.com to upfront Beatport tracks on labels such as Metronix, Polytechnic, Blurred Logic and more. He currently plays banging sets of funky ass Electro & Fidget House.


  1. Bill Eff - "Hate You"
  2. Clark Able - "Back in the Bronx" (Hijack remix)
  3. Clark Able - "Back in the Bronx" (original mix)
  4. Sharkslayer - "Bad Ding"
  5. Jesse Rose & Action Man - "Take it to the Club"
  6. Cypress Hill - "Insane in the Membrane" (2Bit Thugs remix & Mojo Jones edit)
  7. Bloc party - "Mercury" (Herve remix)
  8. Mickey Slim - "Hit the Club" - (Stupid Fresh remix)
  9. Destro Disco - "But I ain't"
  10. The Beatles - "Strawberry Fields Forever" (Mojo Jones remix) (Download Here)
  11. Atomic Hooligan "Electo ain't Electro" - (Rico Tubbs Rave mix)
  12. Heavy Feet ft Peyote MC - "Rude Bwoi" - (Stupid Fresh remix)
  13. Chuck N attack "Rocka revolution" (Twocker remix)
  14. Mighty Fools - "Hey Babe"
  15. Blatta Irasha - "Blow Up" (Hijack remix)
  16. Klaus Hill - "Dirt Driver"
  17. Action Man - "Under Your Skin"
  18. Lee Mortimer - "Putto"
  19. TJR - "Borat's Discodance"
  20. Sawtooth Sucka - "No Ordinary Girl" - (Zodiac Cartel remix)
  21. Mojo Jones - "This is Buzz" - (Professional Gentlemen of Leiusure Fidget remix) (Download Here)
  22. Foreigner - "Cold as Ice" (Sharkslayer remix)

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